Online Department Stores

Napoleon Bonaparte once called the British a nation of shop-keepers. Apparently, this was not meant to be a compliment but, as the designer and creator of a series of online department stores, I am incredibly proud of my association with the owners of stores of all kinds and sizes, not just on both sides of the Atlantic but across the world!

In my youth, I can remember accompanying my mother around some of the more up-market department stores in London and the wonderment aroused by the opulence, the displays and the manners of the immaculately uniformed staff to be found hovering discreetly wherever you might look.

From the red velvet seats and giant candelabra in the tea room of an establishment that was (being untouched by the ghastly ‘modern’ d├ęcor of the 1950s) the epitome of luxury to my youthful mind; to the rather more mundane and practical but, nonetheless, exciting place where, in return for standing still whilst being measured for a school uniform I could be sure of being given some treat like the latest editions of the children’s comics of which my father so disapproved.

Years later, when I figured out that the best way to let visitors to my websites enjoy the content without being bombarded with advertising was to create online department stores, I drew upon the essence of my memories for the style and ‘feel’ of each ‘shopping mall’ as I decided to name them.

Obviously I needed to try and raise advertising revenue from visitors to my sites, even if only to cover server costs and so forth, but I knew how agitated I became myself when I couldn’t read the content of other people’s sites because the advertising content was so distracting, to the point of irritation, so I was determined to find a way around having to foist the same thing upon my own visitors.

The idea has taken quite a long time to catch on with my visitors. Some still do not seem to have grasped that just visiting my online department stores and even clicking on the banners of individual merchants will not, in itself, increase my revenue whatsoever. I can only benefit by receiving what is, usually, a very meager commission, in the event that they are visiting those merchants online for the first time ever via my link and that they purchase something immediately or not very long after the first visit.

This means that, in truth, about half of the sales made via my department stores do not earn me anything at all – the visitor has visited before, via someone else’s link and it is that someone else who will receive the little (or, occasionally, decent-sized) commission on sales made to my visitor. Such is life!

Department Store Credit Cards – The Good, The Bad

Oh yeah. We’ve all been there. It’s Christmas time; money’s tight; you need a great gift for that special someone. That’s when they sneak up on you…the department store credit card goons. They’re so sweet. As you’re checking out and you’re standing there thinking, “Oh great. It’s HOW much?” That’s when they ever so sweetly say, “Would you like 15% off of your purchase today? All you have to do is open an account with us!” Smile. Smile. Smile. So how can you resist? You go for it. But is this good? What are the consequences going to be down the road? This article will set you straight on The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Ugly side of department store credit cards.

The Good

Okay, say you are in a financial pinch and you really do need to get the item you are buying. Saving an extra 10% to 20% can be great and it’s okay to take advantage of this IF you make sure you pay it off as soon as possible. Don’t let the charge sit on the credit card because it will be racking up a hefty interest rate.
If you combine the credit card with a killer sale, you can make out like a bandit – just pay it off quickly.
If you have bad credit, you can often get a department store credit card when you can’t get any others. This can work to your advantage and you can use the card to rebuild your credit if you will only charge small amounts, pay it off each month, or pay it off early.
The Bad
Temptation – Once you have that credit card in your possession, it’s just sitting there telling you, “It’s okay. Go ahead and buy it. You can afford it!” Don’t listen. Just because you have the card doesn’t mean you can buy whatever you feel like. Exert willpower or the temptation will get the best of you.
The Downright Ugly
High Interest Rates – Department store credit cards have the highest interest rates around. So unless you pay of the charge before the end of the billing cycle, whatever you saved when you signed up, just got eaten up. The items that you put on one of these cards will cost you a whole lot more in the long run.
They reproduce like rabbits – before you know it, you’ve accepted a whole boatload of these “helpful” little credit cards. Now the interest is piling up so high, you can’t shovel your way out.
Do you see what I mean about department store credit cards? They can have their good points, but you also have to be wary of their “ugly” side too. Now that you know this, you can use these cards to your advantage instead of them taking advantage of you.

The Benefits of Shopping at an Online Department Store

The holiday season brings a tide of different emotions. These emotions include joy at seeing friends and family, comfort in familiar smells such as a warm pumpkin pie and merriment felt while doing one or two acts of random kindness, making the holidays bright for all.

There are also other feelings that the holiday season tends to bring each year. The negative feelings of the holiday season include the stress of finding the perfect gift, frustration with long lines at your favourite department stores and crowds every where you go to shop.

There is a simple way to avoid long lines and crowded shopping malls. The solution that beats the holiday rush is to shop online at your favourite department stores both new and old. Online shopping is a fabulous phenomenon that has shoppers smiling nationwide.

No longer have to waste precious minutes waiting in long queues that seem to be going nowhere fast. Avoid the hassle of fighting other shoppers for the best deals. Never again have to drive to dozens of different department stores in order to find that perfect gift for someone special.

Shopping can be conducted from the convenience of home, with just a simple click of the mouse. While shopping online one can browse the inventory of several department stores at the same time. Plus many department stores offer terrific online deals such as free shipping or a free gift.

Why waste a portion of your life shopping in a department store when you can shop online in a matter of minutes. Shop all of the stores you love anytime of day from your personal computer. Shop online after the kids have gone to bed or while you savour an early morning cup of coffee.

Online department store shopping is not only a time saver, but also a money saver. Oftentimes stores will have items offered online at special closeout prices. Shop online clearance sections and find the best deals of the season.

The holidays are suppose to be about spending time with loved ones, the act of giving and a dose of holiday cheer. Be able to spend more time with the people you love. Stop spending so much time trying to beat the crowd or fighting with long lines.

When shopping at an online department store there is never a line or a crowd. Why complicate holiday shopping? Shop at an online department store and find fabulous gifts that can be purchased and shipped with one click of the mouse.

Spend minutes instead of hours finding great holiday gifts. This time when your best friend calls inviting you to lunch or the kids are begging you to help build a snowman, you will be able to say yes. Online shopping allows an individual to regain control over their shopping experience.

This holiday season stop wasting your valuable time by shopping at an online department store. Find the best buys and gifts online from the convenience of your home or office. Shopping for the perfect gift should be enjoyable. The joy is put back into shopping for holiday presents when shopping at an online department store.

Tips On Saving Money In Department Stores

Department Store Shopping

Department stores have become a haven for getting all the items you need in one place. From clothes, accessories and apparel to furniture, office supplies and electronics, department stores are a very handy place to shop in. Because we may often buy items in a department store, it pays to know how to save money when we shop in them.

While shopping during sales is a well known way to save money in department store shopping, being in the know of when these sales will happen and even getting additional rebates on sales will let you be one step ahead of the crowd. To know more about how you can even save more when shopping, just read the article below.

Ways to Save Money at Department Stores

1.Store Credit – signing up for a store’s credit card can help you save even more. These credit cards can usually function as rewards or frequent shopper cards as well. You can get additional discounts on special events aside from the usual perks. Rebates are usually offered as well for purchases made in the store using in-house credit cards.

2.Frequent Shopper Card – these are rewards cards that let you earn points or credit every time you make a purchase. Once you’ve accumulated a certain number of points these can be claimed either as rebates, discounts or freebies. Some stores will usually need to you to purchase a minimum amount in order to qualify for the program but since you’re shopping there anyway, the cost can turn out to be minimal, if not free.

3.Mailing Lists – signing up for a mailing list allows you to get exclusive information on upcoming sales and promotions. They also may have special offers for those that sign up to the mailing list. This lets you be in the know first as well as have exclusive access to promotions and offers.

4.Double point days – Department stores will also offer double points on frequent shopper cards on certain purchases. This allows you to earn more rewards while still just spending the same amount of money.

5.Exclusive member sales – Being part of the frequent shopper program or the mailing list will usually allow you to exclusive sales which are for members only. You can get great discounts as well as offers for new items that the stores may carry.

6.Shop after Christmas – The days or weeks after Christmas are great days to shop. Department stores usually want to clear their inventory as fast as possible to make room for the new season line of items.

7.Coupons – Vouchers, discount offers and coupons from magazines and websites are great ways to increase savings. Some coupons can be used along with frequent shopper cards and sale events.

Enjoy Shopping Even More

The guide above shows you a way on how to get more savings and not have to fight with the sale crowd every time you go shopping. By following these tips, you’ll be able to shop at your convenience and get additional savings even when there aren’t any sale events. You can stretch your budget and even reward yourself a couple of times by knowing how to really save when shopping at department stores.